Is Kaplan Caia Exam Preparation Course Useful?

UpperMark does not write the CAIA exam for you, but they give you a set of books, flashcards, practice tests and more than enough material to prepare for the exam. You also have a course package that includes an antibiotic to immunize you against the failure of the test. Use the material directly at the time and at the recommended dosage if you pass the test, i.e.

To prepare for the CAIA (r) exams, we recommend the most comprehensive study package available. We selected Kaplan Schweser as the overall best preparation course for the CAIA exam because it includes a variety of study resources, including a best-pass guarantee. With the CAA exam preparation courses offered by Kaplan, you have access to many self-written online learning materials and personal instruction.

Four unique online teaching resources and interactive support tools are critical to the review of the CAIA exam. Designed to help you learn critical concepts in real time, this interactive webcast adds structure and focus to your CAIA curriculum. The course is divided into two levels and is constantly updated to include the most comprehensive and relevant content.

The CAIA exam is conducted by computer projectors in Pearson Vue test centers around the world. The exam results are determined each year by the CAIA Association, and candidates earning 70% or more can be sure to pass the exam.

The exam is conducted in a computer-aided format by a processor in the Pearson Vue Test Center. The exam results will be sent to the candidate by e-mail 3-6 weeks after the last examination for Level 1 and Level 2.

This will be done to allow candidates to complete the CAIA programme within one year of its adoption. However, not all levels of the CAIA exams can be taken within the same exam window. CAIA candidates have unlimited time to pass the Level 2 exam and also the Level 1 exam for the FRM Certification in order to qualify for the CAIA Charter.

Although the CAIA Association provides free CAIA sample questions on its website, and there is no need to purchase the official CAIA Study Guide to access them, this is not sufficient to properly prepare students for CAIA. Most candidates will need to complement themselves with third-party study materials such as UpperMark or Schweser. The preparatory course for the CAIA exam ensures that you meet all the requirements of the CAIA Charter before enrolling.

It is only logical that Kaplan and Schweser would enter the CAIA market as they have been a great success in the preparation market for the CFA exam. If you have used Schwesers notes as CFA, you will be familiar with their style. Sign up and log in to receive the quality of your materials for the CAIA preparation and we will be sorry to have to answer.

Uppermark is one of the leading and most established providers of CAIA study materials. We pride ourselves on our pure play and make 100% effort to create repeat courses for the CAIA exam.

Uppermark is the first CAA study guide for the first CAIA exam. I recommend Uppermark to my friends and anyone preparing for the Level II CAA exam.

After reviewing the recommended materials by the CAIA it was clear that I needed to drill deeper into the relevant material and spend less time sifting through a large amount of material to prepare for the CAA exam. I bought the Uppermark Study Handbook which contains the Formula sheets used in TestBank. I went to the review course for the CAA Level I and Level II exams. Thank you for providing a product that draws my attention to the relevant materials for testing.

I was surprised when I read several times that the Ill preparation for the CAIA sham examination (Level II) was still pending. I had been looking forward to the exam, but I had never seen it on the website or received an e-mail notification of bogus exams.

If you decide to do so, make sure you inquire how they prepared their materials and what added value the online courses have brought. Do not refer to the official study materials – official study guides, workbooks and official sham exams are helpful. You must follow along with the video course to refresh the sections.

You can ask your teacher questions that will be answered within 24 hours. This gives the class a personal touch that is not as engaging as asking questions in a live classroom.

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